Smooth hands? Hand Scrub from Eveline Cosmetics will make this task easier for you

Smooth hands? Hand Scrub from Eveline Cosmetics will make this task easier for you

In general, scrubs are mainly associated with exfoliation of dead epidermic cells of either body or face skin. And what about hands? Definitely, these have to be smooth and moisturized as any other body parts. Eveline Cosmetics did their best to facilitate each woman taking care of their hands skin.

Scrub for hands

Even hand skin requires systematic exfoliation of its dead cells. After such a treatment, it will be easier to do manicure, remove cuticles, or file nails. Indeed, hand skin becomes dehydrated when we do not take care of it properly. To illustrate, hands get damaged due to low temperatures, application of cosmetics that do not match skin type, and exposition to aggressive detergents (especially while doing the cleaning up). Furthermore, leaving hands without any protection during winter does harm them as well. Leaving house without gloves on or resigning from applying a moisturizing cream produces destructive effects on skin hands.

Eveline Professional Scrub Hands with Vanilla Extract

Eveline Cosmetics from SPA Professional collection offers Scrub Hands with Vanilla Extract. What may surprise some of you, the cosmetic has eight tasks to fulfill. It has to exfoliate dead and dry epidermis cells, moisturize, smooth, regenerate, nourish, improve elasticity, highlight discolourations, even skin tone, and ease irritations of hands – all at once! What is more, Eveline hand scrub is characterized by rich composition. Urea, argan oil, Shea butter, hyaluronic acid, almond oil, honey extract, lemon extract, vanilla, wild rose, coca, liquorice as well as A, E and F vitamins are just a few ingredients that facilitate effective working of the hand scrub.

Eveline Professional Scrub Hands with Vanilla Extractis is closed in a golden and black tube of 75 ml capacity. It has fairly pleasant scent. The product has beige colour and contains dark brown exfoliating grains. Although there is not much of them, the hand scrub is perfect at exfoliation. How does the application look like? The cosmetic should be applied on slightly wet hands and then gently massaged into hand skin. Such procedure should lasts at least a few minutes. After that, hands have to be rinsed with warm water and coated with a moisturizing cream. The cosmetic can be used either twice or three times per week, or accordingly to a consumer’s needs.

Eveline Cosmetics product is recommended for all skin types. It is worth remembering though, that even the most fine grained scrub can irritate skin. For that very reason, treatment of skin exfoliation should not be conducted by people who suffer from inflammation of follicles (obviously, of hair growing on hands), or when they are even slightly damaged. What is more, any hand scrub should be applied on hands that are affected by severe dermis disorders or when they are injured by frostbite.

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