Five most frequently asked questions about Nanoil hair oil

Five most frequently asked questions about Nanoil hair oil

There are some questions that you are ashamed to ask. There are others, which you would rather not know the answers to. However, when it comes to Nanoil, you should know everything. Read the text to discover the biggest secret of this excellent hair care product. We dispel all your doubts about the care of your scalp and hair.

1. Who can use Nanoil hair oil?

Nanoil is recommended for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender and type of hair. Everyone can use this oil and enjoy its great properties and instant effects. The key to success is to determine the porosity of your hair and select the appropriate version of oil. Then, you will certainly achieve great results, and your hair will be healthy, shiny and deeply nourished.

2. How does Nanoil work?

It all dependants on the version of the product you choose. You can distinguish Nanoil for low porosity hair – smooth and shiny, and also difficult to style and hard to wet it. The product will not only enhance its beauty, but also facilitate styling and help in daily care. Nanoil for high porosity hair has smoothing properties that tame unruly strands. Furthermore, the cosmetic provides hair with healthy glow and protect against the loss of proper level of hydration. There is also Nanoil for medium porosity hair. Balanced ingredients contained are responsible for smoothing and rejuvenating dry ends. What is more, they restore the proper pH of the scalp and regulate sebaceous glands (excessive sebum secretion can cause oily scalp and hair).

3. Does each Nanoil version have different composition?

Yes! That is the innovation of this precious oil. Thinking about women’s needs, the producer created as many versions of the cosmetic, as many hair porosities you can encounter. Thus we have oils for low, high and medium porosity hair. In order to bring stunning results (nurture and condition hair and scalp), it must contain a particular set of components. These substances were carefully selected and matched to the scalp type as well as to the structure, type and hair damage degree.

  • Nanoil for low porosity hair contains vitamins A and E, panthenol, Kerastim and Baicapil, UV filter, Shea butter and the following oils: cupuaçu oil, cedar oil, coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, maracuja oil, babassu oil and monoi oil.
  • Nanoil for high porosity hair contains vitamin E, UV filter, panthenol, keratin, silk, lanolin and Kerastim, Baicapil and the following oils: almond, argan oil, evening primrose oil, avocado, maracuja, cotton seed;
  • Nanoil for medium porosity hair contains vitamins A and E, Kerastim and Baicapil, UV filter, silk and the following oils: macadamia, argan, marula, jojoba, maracuja and coconut oil.

4. How to use Nanoil?

Nanoil can be used in several different ways. This allows you to choose the method of application that will give you optimal results and also be a good fun. How, then apply Nanoil?

  • apply Nanoil to dry strands, immediately after drying and combing. As a result, your hair will be shiny and smooth. What is more, this also provides protection against heat, sunlight and external harmful substances.
  • apply Nanoil to wet hair for intensive nutrition and thorough hydration. As if that were not enough, oil accelerates drying time and makes combing easier. In consequence, styling your hair becomes a lot more pleasant.
  • Nanoil will enhance the effects of other hair care cosmetics. Simply add it to your favourite masks, conditioners and serums. Ingredients contained in the product will complement each other.
  • feel free to use Nanoil even several times a day. As a result, your hair will always look phenomenal, and you will feel wonderful. In addition, you deliver exactly what your hair needs at any given time.
  • if you apply Nanoil directly to the scalp, follicles will be strengthened and thoroughly nourished. To improve the effects of the cosmetic,  gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. This way vitamins and other valuable ingredients will quickly gets into the bulbs and nourish them. Thanks to the massage, you will be able to relax yourself.
  • are you aware of the fact that Nanoil can also be use by men? It will be especially useful for those gentlemen, who suffer from excessive hair loss. Additionally, men who like to grow their beards will also benefit from applying the cosmetic. If used regularly will improve the appearance of male facial hair.

5. When can be the first results of Nanoil treatment noticeable?

You will see the results after 30 days of use! However, remember that only regular treatment will ensure desired effects. What will happen if you forget about a few applications? Do not worry, it will not have negative influence of the final result. All you need to do is to apply the product two or three times a week and the appearance and condition of your hair will significantly improve. After finishing the treatment, you can still use Nanoil to provide even better nourishment, protection and reinforcement.

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18 Comments “Five most frequently asked questions about Nanoil hair oil”

  1. Caroline

    I’ve had the oil for high porosity for a few days and used it twice for hair oiling. After washing the oil off and blowdrying, the difference was striking. My hair’s moisturised and not frizzy. I know I must wait for full effect but so far so good

  2. Pati92

    My hair’s totally damaged and overprocessed, after long years of bleaching. I often use a flat iron. Hair’s really dry, broken and looks uhealthy. I wonder if this oil will help cause i use different masks, conditioners and can’t see any improvement

  3. Maggiee

    I’ve heard so much ggod about this oil and feel like givig it a try but I’m not sure which one to choose, the one for meidum or high porosity hair

    • Oliviaa

      U can find many hair porosity tests online, I did the one on nanoil website & chose the right oil

  4. AnnS

    I’ve got this oil and really recommend it. Amazing hair benefits, not just shine and looking great but styling is much easier, I have Nanoil for low proosity and used it for around four weeks.

  5. Jenn

    I love coconut oil and it’s enough for me. It leaves my hair so touchably soft!

    • Bettty

      Coconut oil didin’t work for me at all, it left my hair looking awful..

      • Aggie2

        Coconut oil is good for low porosity hair so it won’t work on different hair types

  6. Margot

    It’s the best thing I tried on my hair, it really fixed my damaged highly-porous hair

    • Lilly

      Hair oil treatment is the best thing for hair and I’ve done it for three years now, there’s a huge difference. I haven’t tried this oil yet but I feel like testing it after reading this article.

  7. Evelinee

    I’ve been applying linseed oil for a few months and I guess my hair got used to it and it’s fed up 🙂 I feel like testing this one, too

  8. Daga

    I tried it once at my friend’s and it didn’s work for me, weighed down hair.. but it works great for her hair

    • Madeleine

      You must choose oil which is right for your hair, you probably have a different porosity.

      • Lilly

        It sometimes depends on how you apply the oil. Wet hair oil treatmet (before hair wash) works for me. Othe rmethods weigh my hair down.

  9. Kate

    It’s too expensive for a hair product.

    • Mary

      Yeahh, it’s not cheap but pure natural fine quality oils must have such a price.

  10. Gabby

    the ingredients are awesome! I can’t think of a different one which is so full of oils and other conditioning substances

  11. Monica

    I saw first effects after aroud 6-7 weeks but it was definitely worth waiting! 🙂 lots of baby hair and much stronger hair, no more falling out


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