Eyelash extensions. Are they worth it?

Eyelash extensions. Are they worth it?

For everyone who has spare money to spend, eyelash extensions might seem tempting. Only with considerable amount of money, satisfactory results can be achieved. But why overpay, if you can buy a serum that is a lot more effective and suitable for our eyes and costs ten times less? Learn the truth about eyelash extensions.

It does not matter what method you use to achieve the goal. If you decide that you want to have beautiful and healthy eyelashes, you need to find the most efficient option. It might not be well-known and recommended by all. Below we present a reliable and very objective statement. Are eyelash extensions profitable? Isn’t it better to invest in a growth stimulating serum?

Eyelash extensions vs. eyelash and eyebrow serum*

Taken into consideration: time, costs and effects
* Nanolash and eyebrow serum


(-) Eyelash extensions are one of the most time-consuming methods for improving the look of your eyelashes. You must devote a lot of time and patience. Preparing your eyes and applying individual false eyelashes are rather tedious. Depending on the method, you can spend even several long, boring hours at the salon. Of course, with eyes closed and in total immobilization. But this is not the end of the problems. About every 1-2 weeks, you need to go for an additional visit for a touch-up. Eyelash extensions are not a permanent method. Therefore, the effects remain only for a short period of time – about a month. In extreme cases, a bit longer, but only if a lot of attention is devoted to eyelash and eye area care. Usually, in this period, eyelash extensions need to be taken off because they start looking very unsightly.

(+) Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is a lot less time-consuming which is obtained thanks to its formula and application method. Serum is of runny consistency, it is quickly absorbed and efficient; you do not need a lot of the product. Thanks to the thin brush, the application is quick and easy. Only one layer of Nanolash serum is enough to coat your lashline. The first effects appear immediately after two weeks of regular use. It should be no problem especially taking into consideration the fact that the effects last for about 6 months or more. Eyelash and eyebrow serum seems to be a lot better than eyelash extensions.


(-) Eyelash extensions require a lot of money, although their price depends on the method and the materials you choose. The less expensive semi permanent eyelashes turn out to be made of synthetic materials. Unfortunately, the effects are not very glamorous and might be far from what you expect, especially considering the high price. The costs of a basic procedure is enlarged due to the additional visits for touch-ups. You cannot deny that eyelash extensions are expensive. What is more, when it comes to volume eyelash extensions and classic false eyelashes made of luxurious materials, the price might gain a few zeros. Not everyone can afford such expenses.

(+) Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is a lot more affordable and cost-efficient. It gives long lasting and better effects. For one bottle (not very big, only 3 ml) you must pay a similar amount of money you would spend on a high quality mascara. For this price which is always the same (it is important that it doesn’t change) you receive a very elegant bottle filled with a complex of natural ingredients and active substances. What is more, there are no additional or hidden costs. However, if you order more bottles, you make even better deal – no shipping costs. There are no doubts that eyelash serum outclasses eyelash extensions.


(-) Eyelash extensions are falsely considered to be one of the best methods to obtain long and thick eyelashes. Allured by the vision of incredible effects, women decide to spend a lot of money for eyelash extensions. Then, they complain about the limitations. If the procedure is done correctly, your eyes appear larger, you lashline is emphasised and lashes – darker and longer. The most commonly mention advantage of eyelash extensions is the fact that it allows us to give up using mascara. Unfortunately, the final results are often artificial and exaggerated. If is easy to guess which lashes are false and which are natural. Moreover, not all effects last long. In order to maintain them, you must follow some rules and limitations. First of all, you cannot use any oil-based cosmetics (make-up and make-up removal products), you cannot touch or rub your face and eyes. The most difficult thing to do, but also very important, is to avoid contact with water.

(+) Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is the best method for naturally beautiful, long, thick, dark, strong, resilient, shiny and soft lashes. You can enumerate the adjectives but that is not the point. Eyelash extensions camouflage the problem while eyelash serum solves it. Thanks to Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum, your eyelashes become stronger and regenerated from the inside which results in faster growth accordingly to their natural life cycle. What is more, the effects do not require any sacrifice. Nanolash serum boosts lash growth in an easy way. What is also important, the effects are long lasting. Simply use the serum less frequently (for example, once or twice a week) to enjoy beautiful results forever.

14 Comments “Eyelash extensions. Are they worth it?”

  1. Joanna88

    Lash seurm is obviously the best solution! it gives the safest and long-lasting effects. Of course, it will look different than if you had lash extensions, and yes, you have to wait a few weeks, but it is definitely worth it

  2. Martita

    my answer is: no, it is not worth it;)

  3. AgnesD

    for the same price I’d rather buy a very good mascara, something that will be lengthening and thickening

  4. Ivone

    I was using this serum a yeat ago and it’s fantastic! I will definitely buy it again! 🙂

  5. Katy27

    a few days ago I found a review and was wondering if I should buy it or not

  6. Claire

    The big advantage of wearing lash extenions is that you do not have to apply mascara every day but it’s not that easy to apply eye makeup. I had it applied once and had to give up wearing eyeliner because it was impossible to remove it

  7. Olivia

    My lash extensions looked great…for about a week. After two weekd I HAD TO go back for a touch up because it looked really bad

  8. Victoria

    I think that false lashes never look good

  9. LillYP

    I am in the middle of a treatment with nanolash and right now, I apply it three times a week. The effect is stunning! I never believed it would work 😀 and yet, my lashes are long and beautiful.

  10. Issy

    I was very happy with revitalash, it made my lashes longer as well. only the price can scare you off;/

    • Maggie

      The cost is not that bad once you compae it with the price you have to spend on lash extenions and the touch up sessions.

    • Eveline

      The first serum I had was revitalash….and then I changed it for a less expensive one wich worked exactly the same way – it was nanolash

      • Nataliee

        I also heard that it’s the same thing so why overpay ?!

        • KayaH

          they are both great but for me, nanolash works much better


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