How does water lily smell? Two cosmetic from Korres of water lily flavour?

How does water lily smell? Two cosmetic from Korres of water lily flavour?

Korres cosmetic brand has released two light blue cosmetics that are designed for skin care. These are a shower gel and a moisturizing body milk. Both products are connected with a flavour of water lily.

Korres cosmetics

Korres shower gel is recommended for everyday use. It makes body skin moisturized, smoothed, softened as it cleanses and washes it as well. What is more, it leaves skin with a protective layer and is foaming pretty well. Furthermore, the product contains wheat proteins and vitamins from B group. The gel is sold in a bottle of 250 ml capacity.

When it comes to the body milk, it is able to moisturize, freshen up and nourish body skin. It contains Shea butter, B5 vitamin (also known as D-panthenol), aloe extract, and almond oil. The cosmetic is closed in a bright blue tube of 200 ml capacity.

Both the shower gel and the body milk have intensive and fresh flavour of water lily. What is more, the body milk has light consistency, is easy to apply on body skin and is absorbed by skin quickly. The shower gel, in turn, has semi-liquid consistency. Thanks to SLS (a substance some people might be allergic to) the product foams well and creates no problems while rinsing it off.

Korres – natural cosmetics

Cosmetics produced by Korres are natural. What does that mean? They are not tested on animals, and the elements of packages can be recycled. Furthermore, vegans and vegetarians can use the cosmetics freely. Another point to mention, Korres products do not contain paraffin, silicones, parabens, alcohol, or substances that are derivative of retinol. Moreover, they have natural pH level, and were tested by dermatologist.

Water lily – properties

Why did Korres brand decide to enrich their products with water lily extract? First and foremost, water lily is a medical plant. Extracts that come from its blossoms work tranquilizing, easing and have sleep-inducing properties. In the past, some particular parts of water lily’s blossoms were used for hair care and skin care (for example, for acne treatment).

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