7 beauty sins that you probably commit

7 beauty sins that you probably commit

I’m sure you all take care of your appearance best you can. Too bad, there are so many beauty sins that we tend to commit unconsciously. On the other hand, they can be fixed easily without much effort. 

You already know the obvious: you need to always remove makeup, use sunblock and never apply cosmetics past their expiry date. Is your skin far from perfect despite that knowledge? Are you sure you are not making one of these mistakes?

1. Not removing makeup thoroughly

You use nothing but a gel cleanser to remove full-coverage foundation or use micellar water but don’t remove it until you see a clean cotton pad? Not putting your mind to makeup removal is a big mistake when taking off heavy foundation. If you feel that you haven’t fully removed makeup products or you are bothered by open pores and blackheads, try OCM, that is oil cleansing method. At first stage, you apply a chosen oil to face skin and massage it. Then, you simply rinse the oil using a muslin cloth; rinse the cloth and repeat if necessary.

2. Not keeping hands off the face

This habit causes huge damage to skin so kicking it is like hitting the skin care jackpot. It is important because by touching the skin you spoil makeup and it doesn’t last long, plus you keep transferring impurities onto the skin.

Even if you wash your hands often, you need to remember that hands touch endless objects throughout the day. After all, we don’t clean tables, keyboards or phone screens every other hour, right? Imperfections often appear on a face part that we press a cell phone to.

3. Not keeping makeup and hair brushes clean

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Ideally, you should do it after every use: damp environment is ideal for the development of germs. If your skin isn’t problematic, you can do it once a week but if it does cause trouble, do it on a daily basis. Getting a special brush cleanser is a good idea too. This kind of product disinfects the bristles and makes brushes good to go within a few minutes.

Follow similar rules for your hair brushes: try to clean them once a week. If you don’t clean it at all, your hair and scalp might be greasy since hair, dead skin cells and hair care products build up inside the bristle.

4. Not abstaining from cigarettes, alcohol and unhealthy food

These three things literally kill your face skin and this actually seems obvious. If you have a drink once in a few weeks, your skin repairs and doesn’t suffer but if you drink alcohol regularly, the effect is miserable because alcohol blocks secretion of vasopressin. Consequently, kidneys work more slowly and we can see dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Smoking cigarettes deprives skin of oxygen so skin is becoming thinner and dull. Having alcohol dehydrates the body, the skin is dry, sensitive and feels tight. When it comes to fast food, the body can’t handle the highly-processed food and tries to “throw” it out in form of imperfections on the skin.

5. Not drinking sufficient amount of water

60% of human body is made out of water which regulates most metabolic processes, delivers nutrients to every human cell and helps remove metabolic waste. Without it, the skin loses firmness, elasticity and resilience. It is coarse, sallow and very dry. There’s no product that moisturizes as effectively as water, hydrating the body from within.

6. Not getting enough sleep

During sleep, the skin repairs whereas sleepless nights mean dark circles and puffy eyes. Nothing is going to replace nighttime repair because the growth hormone – somatotropin – is produced in large amounts at night. Thanks to that, tissues divide even up to ten times faster during the day. Remember to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

7. Not paying attention to the list of ingredients

You should know which ingredients are good for you and which ones are very bad for your skin, comedogenic or dehydrating substances should be surely avoided.

Whenever you spot pimples or skin irritation after using a certain product, check a preservative in the INCI since it might be the substance that causes allergic reaction and skin problems. We must analyze ingredients because they are responsible for the product’s effect and fulfilment of our expectations.

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