Cellular Energizing cosmetics by La Prairie –  Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gelee, and Body Spray

Cellular Energizing cosmetics by La Prairie – Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gelee, and Body Spray

Probably nobody would disagree with the statement that cosmetics that are launched in series or collections are the best ones. Why? Because they complement each other, and when applied at the same time help skin with regenerating and obtaining pretty look. And these are the very features La Prairie favours while designing Cellular Energizing Collection. This set is composed of Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gelee, and Body Spray.

Cellular Energizing Body Spray is a cosmetic recommended for beautifying and taking care of body skin. It contains moisturizing and smoothing properties. Additionally, La Prairie makes skin energetic and gifts it with pleasant scent of grapefruits and verbena. Cellular Energizing Body Spray can be applied any time during day. It is enough just to spray the body skin with great amount of the product. This procedure can be repeated during day if needed. What is more, the cosmetic is closed in a bottle with atomizer. Its capacity equals either 50 ml or 100 ml.

Cellular Energizing Bath and Shower Gelee – this cosmetic from La Prairie brand has exfoliating, smoothing, and moisturizing features. What is more, the product cleanses and freshens up skin. In order to wash body skin, pour a small amount of the cosmetic onto a sponge, add water and massage the mixture into skin with circular motion. If you want to make bubble bath, pour a little bit of the cosmetic into the cap and place it under the thin stream of running water. Cellular Energizing Bath and Shower Gelee is sold in a yellow bottle of 200 ml capacity.

Cellular Energizing Body Lotion is the last piece of Cellular Energizing Collection. In short, it is a body balm of grapefruit, apple tree blossoms and mandarin flavour. It contains plenty of vitamins, oiling substances and those ingredients responsible for highlighting discolourations. Cellular Energizing Body Treatment by La Prairie should be applied after every bath or shower by rubbing  it precisely into body skin. The Body Lotion is sold in a 150-milliliter yellow bottle.

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