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D.I.Y. Herbal Hair Washes for Dry and Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged, dry, without shine, fragile and, to make matters worse, the ends are split, then give a try to herbal hair washes. Such mixtures are 100% natural, easy and cheap when it comes to their preparation. However, the most essential is the fact, that you can make these in your home.

Where to take herbs from? Basically, you have to options. Firstly, you can get the herbs from a herbal shop – this is obvious. Secondly, you can visit the nearest meadow and pick the herbs on your own. One thing to remember, choose the meadow wisely since it cannot be located near a road or other place that might contaminate the plants. How do herbal hair washes really work? Generally speaking, it all depends on the herbs you choose. To make a long story short, herbal preparations have the power to nourish hair and scalp, moisturize and even pH level of scalp.

What are the properties of certain herbs? Basswood is recommended for breakable and dry hair. It is known for its soothing and anti hair loss features. Stinging nettle, in turn, restores shine, provides more hair body, strengthens hair roots and counteracts excessive sebum production along with dandruff formation. Another green plant, rosemary, works as a natural dye since it has the power to make hair darker. What is more, this herb strengthens hair and counteracts excessive hair loss and dandruff. Elder, a small tree with black berries, is able to moisturize and make hair shine beautifully. Chamomile, works unlike rosemary since it highlights streaks of hair and relieves scalp irritations. When it comes to hops, it contains not only strengthening properties but also fights against hair loss and its breaking. The natural pH of scalp is restored by a lemon. Additionally, this fruit highlights, refreshes and counteracts excessive sebum production. Melissa, in turn, makes hair way stronger. Quite interesting, herbal hair washes’ composition can be enriched with milk since it has got moisturizing and strengthening features. Basically, milk also brings back shine to hair.

How to prepare herbal hair wash at home? Cover the herbs with boiling water and leave these for approximately 15 minutes. The bowl with the mixture must be covered with a lid in order to make the herbs infused. When the infusion gets room temperature, drain the herbs. Now, wash your hair with your favourite shampoo and rinse it thoroughly. When your hair is clean, apply the herbal hair wash and wrap the head with a towel. In such a way, all the nourishing substances will reach the deepest layers of every single hair as well as their roots way faster thanks to the generated warmth. Worth mentioning, do not rinse the herbal hair wash regardless you apply the mixture with or without milk.

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