Do you know how to do perfect make-up? Part 2

Do you know how to do perfect make-up? Part 2

Eye shape vs. make-up

Appropriately applied eye shadows, an eye pencil or an eyeliner can improve not only eye shape but also shape of face. For example, when eyes are set closely, these have to be covered with a bright eye shadow, especially in the inner corners of the eyes and with a darker one on the outer corners. When it comes to the eyeliner and a mascara, it is advisable to put on these cosmetics outwards. Droopy eyelids, in turn, have to be covered with a bright eye shadow but only in the middle part and with the darker one should be covered the outer corners of eyes. In this case, the eyeliner should decorate only the outer part of the eyelids whereas the mascara should coat curled eyelashes. Matte and plain make-up is recommended to people whose above crease area tends to descent on the eyelids. Deep set eyes will look nice only when covered with pale colours whereas protruding eyes go attractively with neutral shades.

Eyelash mascaraing

Treating eyelashes with an eyelash curler is a good practice for both making eyes wide-open and precise coating these with a mascara. It is suggested to heat up the accessory first. In such a way, eyelashes will be curled way longer. How to mascara eyelashes properly? Start with coating only tips of the eyelashes. Thanks to this technique, smaller eyelashes will not clump together with the longer eyelashes and the longest ones become extended. What is more, while coating eyelashes with a mascara, you have to move the brush following so-called ‘zig-zag’ motion. Cleanse tip of the applicator and use it for stretchering upwards the eyelashes. Additionally, it is suggested to coat lower eyelashes on one-thirds of their total length.

Lips make-up

Contour of lips has to be outlined with a lip pencil that has the same colour as lips have. Basically, a lipstick has to be applied serially. It is advised to start with covering the middle part of upper and lower lips, then move to outer parts of upper and lower lips. It is also a good idea to fix the applied lipstick with a transparent powder or cover it with a colourless lip gloss.

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