Endless Euphoria of fragrances! Body Lotion by Calvin Klein

Endless Euphoria of fragrances! Body Lotion by Calvin Klein

What are the features of an ideal body lotion? It has to moisturise, regenerate and protect body skin. But this is not enough. Such a cosmetic is also supposed to produce beautiful scent. When all the above-mentioned characteristics are composed together, we get Endless Euphoria body lotion from Calvin Klein.

Who and when should use body lotions?

Naturally, body lotions are recommended for everyone regardless of sex, age and skin type. What is more, we ought to reach for a body lotion after each and every shower we take. Why? Because skin may become a little bit dehydrated when exposed to warm water or water vapour. As a consequence, we can experience a feeling of, so-called, contracted skin. Point often overlooked, it is also crucial to moisturise body skin in the winter. Hot air produced by radiators or air conditioning as well as warm and tight clothes (for example, hose products like stockings) may lead to skin dehydration. This in turn makes skin dry to the touch. So what to do? Best, to moisturise body with balms and lotions. In such a way, we supply skin with nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing substances. Moreover, skin’s natural protective lipid layer become replenished, all dry parts of skin are eliminated, and the skin layer is significantly smoother. Important issue though, we have to select a body lotion accordingly to our preferences and body needs. One of those product may be  Endless Euphoria, a perfumed body lotion from Calvin Klein.

Body Lotion Endless Euphoria from Calvin Klein.

Definitely, the body lotion will win approval of all those people who like Eau de Parfum Endless Euphoria from Calvin Klein. Simply, the cosmetic is characterized by the same scent as the fragrance. Moreover, the body lotion has dense formula and convenient package. The pale pink tube holds 150 ml of the cosmetic. As the Eau de Parfum, the body lotion has three main notes alike. The top notes stand for Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Cherry Blossom. Middle notes in turn belong to Rose, Violet and Syringa. When it comes to base notes, these are composed out of Musk, Bamboo and Sandalwood. However, a body lotion cannot only smell good. It has to moisturise and regenerate skin too. Does Endless Euphoria body lotion work this way? In fact, it all depends on our skin. Epidermis which is super dry requires longer time for recovering and rebuilding its protective lipid barrier layer. For that reason, full hydration will be noticed a little bit later. When it comes to body skin which is regularly moisturised or the one which is not so damaged, this will experience immediate improvement of its condition.

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