How to apply a concealer? Make-up hacks that you aren’t aware of

How to apply a concealer? Make-up hacks that you aren’t aware of

It seems to be a piece of cake. However, when you look at your photos or in a mirror, all that you see are badly-camouflaged discolourations and spots, wrongly highlighted face parts and other bad surprises that are easy to notice. How to apply a concealer the right way? Learn several useful tips that are listed below.

Concealer – Properties, Shade and Consistency

Nowadays, we have a great inundation of concealers on the cosmetic market. For that reason, it is hard to pick just the right one, that will suit our complexion perfectly. While purchasing one, focus on several issues. Concealers, as other colour cosmetics, are created for particular skin types. Obviously, pick the one that corresponds with your complexion. The other crucial aspect to discuss is the shade of the cosmetic. There is nothing worse than having dark spots camouflaging acne marks or too bright stains covering dark circles around eyes. In short, the perfect concealer should be of two tones brighter than a make-up foundation and complexion itself. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to accomplish, however, do your best to match appropriate shade of the cosmetic. Equally important is the texture of the concealer that you are going to buy. Products of liquid consistency are recommended for dry skin owners. Stick concealers are designed for people having oily skin. The most universal ones are cream-like concealers since these are perfect for any skin type.

Hints and Makeup Hacks – How to Apply a Concealer?

Dark circles under eyes. Usually, we apply a moisturizing cream straight under eyes. Obviously, this is a good practise. But we tend to do the same with a concealer. And this is not the proper way of putting on this product. By applying the concealer under lower eyelid, we do cover all the dark circles, however, we also emphasize and make all the swellings bigger than these really are. Having this in mind, the concealer should be put on along lower eyelid and in the middle part of a cheek. We have to obtain a kind of a triangular mark on our face. Then, we have to pat the cosmetic into face skin and cover it with a powder.

Do you often apply eye lines on eyelids?

If it happens that one of the lines is poorly-drawn, or when it happens that you stain the eyelid with the eyeliner, use a concealer in order to correct the mistake. Take a thin brush and cover the line with the concealer – reshape it by making its outlines even. Follow the same procedures when you stain skin around eyes with a mascara, with an eyebrow pencil or with other colour cosmetic.

Highlighting eyes and lips. Although this make-up hint is known probably to almost everyone, let us just briefly remind it. The concealer has to be applied on inner corners of the eyes, under eyebrow arch and in the middle part of an eyelid. If you want to make your lips optically bigger, apply the concealer along lips outline. Apply extremely thin line because thick layer of the cosmetic will make your lips look as if these were unnaturally pumped up.

Dropping eyelid. If you encounter that problem, also use the concealer to fix this flaw. You will create an illusion of your eyes being bigger and you will also lift the eyelids up. Put the product on the eyelid’s skin fold that covers the eyelid. You can do the same using a bright eye shadow, a highlighter or a powder.

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