Hair and scalp washing. What cosmetics to use?

Hair and scalp washing. What cosmetics to use?

How to wash hair and scalp the right way? There is no one definite answer on that question, it all depends on our individual needs. Some of us wash hair everyday whereas others do it every second or third day. While washing, we remove sebum, dust and other contaminants, as well as all cosmetics, like oils and conditioners, that you have used earlier. Clean hair can be treated with other care cosmetics such as hair masks. If a shampoo is good and effective then we do not have to wash the hair again.

If we want to make our hair and scalp clean and healthy, we have to buy an appropriate shampoo. Nowadays, chemist’s and cosmetic shops offer a wide range of cleaning cosmetics destined for hair and scalp care. In general, we divide them into two separate categories: products containing SLS and the ones without SLS. It is not hard to guess that cosmetics that do not contain SLS are much safer and better for us. What is more, you can use the products where SLS is the ingredient placed as one of the last in a list of substances used in production. In brief, products containing SLS are good at cleansing yet they can irritate. The cosmetics that do not contain SLS do not cause irritations and are good at cleansing as well. It all depends on how much our scalp is sensitive to particular substances and how certain ingredients affect our skin.

Hair and scalp can be washed thanks to delicate shampoos which pH is close to pH of skin. Shampoos that have higher or equal pH level to 5,5 make hair shafts open therefore hair treated with this kind of shampoos should be coated with a conditioner or a hair mask of smoothing and nourishing properties. In order to change high pH level of a shampoo it has to be soluble with water. At least once a week hair and scalp have to be washed with an acidic product that is able to relieve irritations, especially the ones developed during hair dyeing.

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