Hair removal at home and a beauty parlour – methods, cosmetics and accessories

Hair removal at home and a beauty parlour – methods, cosmetics and accessories

Which women would not like to have silky-smooth skin? If it is hard for you to deal with ingrown hair, must remove hair too frequently or have rough body skin, then try applying one of the below-listed methods.

Home methods of hair removal

The most popular methods of eliminating unwanted hair at home is use of creams, foams, disposable razors, a depilatory, and wax.

Let us start from creams and foams destined for hair removal. Chemists’ shelves are full of such products. Some of the cosmetics are destined to remove hair from body, other for eliminating hair from face. What is more, all creams and foams should be selected carefully, to match their properties with our expectations. It is worth bearing in mind, if somebody has sensitive skin, then it is advised to reach for a cosmetic that is composed of just several ingredients, the most preferably from the natural ones only. How to use creams and foams for hair removal? The procedure should start from applying the product on wet skin, and then hair can be removed with the aid of a disposable razor. Most similar products are able to, in a kind, melt the hair away. In other words, the hair are removed on their own, suffice to wait several minutes and it simply disappear. However, the greatest disadvantage of such method (no matter whether a razor is used or not) is that hair tend to grow out just after two or three days. What is more, one might experience irritation as well.

Unwanted hair can be eliminated also thanks to hot or cool wax. This kind of a method is recommended for both experienced people as well as for beginners. The stripes of wax have to be warmed up in hands, then stuck to skin and then whipped off in the opposite direction to hair growth. Wax brings very good effects – skin becomes smooth and is not irritated. What is more, hair grows out after three weeks. It may also happen that during this procedure dead epidermis cells are also removed, together with the unwanted hair.

Very popular and equally efficient method of hair removal at home is use of an electric depilatory. The variety of the devices is huge. We can choose between depilatory powered by batteries or electricity, with double or quadruple tweezers as well as such devices that can be used either under water or that should be kept away from it. During removing hair using a depilatory, it is crucial to remember to perform exfoliation of dead epidermis cells beforehand, hold the device at 90 degrees to body surface and when the procedure is over, you cannot forget to apply either a relieving body oil or a moisturizing balm.

Methods of hair removal used at a beautician’s

The most popular methods of hair removal treatments conducted in a beauty parlour are electrolysis hair removal and IPL laser hair removal. The first technique depends on eliminating hair due to electricity. The device used for this kind of the treatment damages follicles. As a consequence, new hair has no place to grow out from. When it comes to IPL (also known as photoepilation or simply epilation), it works the same way as electrolysis, yet it uses light impulses. The efficiency of the treatment varies accordingly to melanin level and thickness of the hair. Photoeplation should be conducted once a month. The effects hold up to several weeks.

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