How to make teeth snow-white at home? 4 foolproof methods

How to make teeth snow-white at home? 4 foolproof methods

Are you dreaming of white and healthy teeth? No wonder why. Perfect-looking set of teeth improves our looks in a remarkable way. Nowadays, we often turn to costly treatments to get our yellowish teeth whiter forgetting how potent home methods are. Learn four products that will help you get whiter smile without leaving home.

What is the cause of yellowish teeth?

At the beginning it must be mentioned that perfectly white teeth don’t exist naturally. Our bones, which teeth belong to, are slightly yellowish by nature. However, developing bad eating hits, cigarette smoking or drinking too much coffee contribute to making the teeth darker. What are the other factors that influence the color of out teeth? The main reason determining the shade of our teeth are is the genes. Last but definitely not least, taking some group of medicines and inadequate hygiene also have negative impact on our teeth color.

How to make teeth whiter using home remedies?

Firstly, you must pay attention to the way you take care of the teeth. Do you brush them after every meal? If you don’t do this, at least try to clean your teeth after drinking coffee – it’s known for causing enamel discoloration. Additionally, steer clear of color and fizzy drinks that also contribute to deteriorating the state of your enamel. Once you stay away from the factors ruining your teeth, you can move on to the home ways of making teeth whiter. What should you reach for?

  1. Turmeric – an Asian spice that has a couple of health benefits. One of them deals with yellow teeth and using turmeric as a teeth whitening agent is child’s play – put a tiny amount of turmeric onto your toothpaste and start brushing the teeth as always. Actually, you can also make your own turmeric toothpaste. How to do it? Combine the following ingredients: 1 spoon of powdered turmeric, 1 spoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of mint essential oil.
  2. Oil pulling, which is ayurvedic-style teeth whitening – this is an old Hindu way that focuses on swishing a natural oil around your teeth. The oils that are expected to help you restore the whitish look to your teeth are sunflower oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil and sesame oil.
  3. Baking soda – this is a substance that can be used for various purposes and it’s worth realizing that one of its uses deals with yellowish teeth. It’s able to remove the plaque build-up and brighten the teeth up. However, you should be careful with baking soda because if used too frequently, it may deteriorate the enamel pretty badly.
  4. Fruit – it has plenty of precious properties, such as teeth whitening. How can you use fruit to improve the looks of your teeth? Try washing your teeth with lemon juice and water. Also, the next time you eat a banana, don’t throw away its skin but rub it against your teeth to make them whiter.

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