How to survive winter? Useful beautifying tricks

How to survive winter? Useful beautifying tricks

Winter. What does it mean for your skin and hair? Obviously, nothing good. Check, what should be done to make your mascara hold long, prevent skin against drying-out and tame electrified hair.

Snow, frost and low temperatures – adverse weather conditions do not influence positively our complexion and the whole face in general. The truth is, these cause dry-out and exfoliation of skin, lips chapping, frostbite and breakage of blood vessels. How to cope with that? One of the reasonable solutions is moisturization. Try to hydrate your face skin, as often as you possibly can. Do not forget about the lips, the tips of your ears and a nose. In the winter, the best idea is to use various oily creams with the high level of urea concentration. Remember to lubricate your hands as well – make these smooth and soft all year long.

Fight against chapped lips. Perform skin exfoliation treatment, also known as epidermis peeling. Worth mentioning, lips skin is extremely delicate and it is easy to harm. For that reason, you have to use only depreciate substances in order to remove all dead epidermis cells. You can reach for such substances like Vaseline or mixture of olive and sugar. Combine the ingredients and rub these into the lips. In a case, lips skin is extremely dry and chapped, apply the mixture on clean mascara wand first and rub lips with it. The residues of your homemade exfoliation cosmetic can be removed with a tissue. Then, apply a moisturizing lips balm. Always!

The truth is, the biggest nightmare that hunts us in the winter is electrified hair. Every time you take of a hat or a sweater and even when you use a comb, all hair stands on end. Fortunately, there is a few techniques that facilitate struggle successfully with this common problem. You can, for example, wash the hair with an anti-static shampoos, apply a conditioner right before combing or you can put on hair scant amounts of a hand cream or water. In such a way, the cosmetics will load, moisturize and smooth the streaks of hair significantly reducing hair electrification.

Sunbath even during winter. Snow is able to reflect sun rays, which affects skin, with similar strength that it does during summer. Basically, one can never has too much of the sun or D vitamin. However, remember to apply a sunscreen cream before each sunbath. What is more, apply a bronzer on upper part of a forehead, the tip of a nose and chin as well as on cheek bones.

Put on warm clothes. Wear gloves, a hat and a thick coat. Certainly, this will not only secure you from being infected by a disease. By hiding your hair under a hat and thanks to wearing a scarf tied high, covering your face, you provide a shield protecting from frost, drying-out and general skin and hair condition deterioration. Pick the clothes made of natural fibers and do not wear more than two layers of these. It is also suggested, to use waterproof cosmetics. A mascara, an eyeliner and eye-shadows that are resistant to water will hold untouched on your face even during fierce blizzard. To put it differently, your make-up will be perfect everytime, everywhere. Obviously, such durable cosmetics need special product facilitating their safe and non-aggressive removal. Basically, you can choose between various dual-action lotions or creamy foams.

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