How to take care of hair during summer?

How to take care of hair during summer?

It is widely-believed that hair care should match not only its colour but also hair structure. Certainly, proper hair treatment will do good during hot summer days, when our streaks of hair are exposed to harmful working of sun rays. How to take care of hair during summer and what are the best cosmetic ides to do so?

Thin, straight, wavy, blonde or bright brown hair requires delicate treating. Such type of hair would be grateful for all cosmetics that do not load it too much. The composition of the products should contain, for example, aloe, honey, panthenol or wheat or silk proteins. When it comes to extremely dry and frizzy hair, or the one with split ends, it is recommended to benefit from oils, like for example, argan or coconut oils. Approximately twice a week, one should apply an oil on the streaks of hair. Mind you, do not put the oil in the scalp since it may result in dandruff or greased hair. Having this in mind, apply oils only on the lower part of hair. You can apply an additional dose of the product only on the hair ends, especially when these are split.

Dark and curly hair requires a little bit different treatment. Curls tend to be dry, that is why, application of oils and moisturizing masks is highly suggested. Cosmetics that should be used in order to improve condition of this kind of hair have to be composed of jojoba oil, apricot seeds extract, macadamia or sesame oil. When you wash the hair and apply the cosmetic, do not forget to wrap the hair with a towel. Generated warmth will enable all moisturizing and nourishing substances reaching the inside of every single hair much faster. It is also advisable to apply small amount of an oil or moisturizing conditioner right before combing.

Certainly, ginger and thick hair has to be protected from sun rays as well. Fortunately, all cosmetic shops offer wide range of various hair mists that fulfill the task perfectly. Naturally, oils will also pass the exam on moisturizing and taking care of ginger hair. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair with a scarf or just put on a fashionable hat while strolling around a city or sunbathing. Thanks to this, you can enjoy healthy look of your hair and stylizing will become less troublesome.

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