Lashcode – the best mascara according to make-up artists

Lashcode – the best mascara according to make-up artists

Which mascara do make-up artists use? What is recommended as a replacement for false eyelashes? Lashcode proves that each of us can be a professional make-up artist. All you need is a good mascara that will make your thin and dull eyelashes a make-up masterpiece.

Lashcode has a capacity of 10ml, which already sounds very encouraging because it is much more than most mascaras offer.

The packaging itself looks very encouraging as well. Despite the large capacity, Lashcode is slim, minimalistic with elegant colours.

However, what’s the most important has been hidden inside the tube. The success of Lashcode involves a mixture of: the brush, the composition of ingredients and the consistency. Check why make-up artists believe this is the best mascara!


1. It thickens, lengthens, curls and adds volume

This is a mascara that adds maximum volume still maintaining the naturalness of the effects. Thanks to Lashcode you can have long, thick and dense lashes, which are also perfectly combed and separated. There is no risk of the effect of ‘spider legs’ or smudging under the eyelids. Everything that we could expect from a mascara is provided by Lashcode.

2. It has a natural composition suitable for sensitive eyes

Lashcode contains a set of natural substances such as plant waxes, beeswax and magnetite – a black, natural dye. There are no parabens, silicones and other potentially harmful chemicals. The mascara is suitable for the owners of sensitive eyes and delicate skin.

3. It contains additional conditioning substances

Another huge advantage of Lashcode is the addition of conditioning substances, such as panthenol, arginine, a set of three plant extracts (wheat, soy and skullcap root) as well as rejuvenating Vitamin E. Such a combination strengthens the eyelashes also supporting their natural growth. They become more beautiful day by day thanks to Lashcode.

4. It is equipped with a precise, silicone brush

This mascara will fit everyone – those who already have some skills and those who don’t really know how to apply mascara without smudges. The application is extremely easy thanks to a specially designed, flexible brush with silicone bristles. It has narrowed tips that make it easy to apply formula to even short and thin hairs.

5. It is extremely durable

Even though the formula is not waterproof, it is very durable. The effects last up to 24 hours without smudging and flaking off. Also, you don’t have to worry about make-up removal, because Lashcode can be removed with water or mild micellar water.

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