Mythic Oil L’Oreal – Mythical Beauty Ritual for Hair

Mythic Oil L’Oreal – Mythical Beauty Ritual for Hair

L’Oreal loves natural oils. Often and quite willingly they release products based on the beneficial properties. In the offer is present an entire gamut of conditioning oils for hair.

An exceptional and worth recommendation cosmetic from the brand is Mythic Oil. It stands out, most of all with the fact that is beautifully made, placed in glass bottle, that has an eye-catching, sleek shape and nice Oriental stamping on the front. Mythic Oil is expected to be an exclusive product, with which hair care will pick up the qualities of mythical ritual, for ages used by women of orient to regenerate and nourish hair.

Oil is dedicated for conditioning and strengthening of all hair types. Effects are visible right after first use. On top of that, hair treated with Mythic Oil become healthier, glossier and silky smooth, gain right level of nourishment and are protected against unfavourable atmospheric factors.

Mythic Oil contains two natural oils, which dominate in the cosmetic’s composition.

  • Grape seed oil – is known for its rejuvenating and enhancing hair renewal properties. Thanks to it hair stop brake, and gain elasticity and gloss, while numerous vitamins (A, E, K, D) will take care of health and good hair condition.
  • Avocado oil – is rich in essential fatty acids, that take care of improvement of processes in cells and tissues. They prevent free radicals and contribute to preservation of young appearance of hair. Avocado oil consists of also phospholipids, which work on hair just like the best repair team and restore even very damaged hair. Natural UV filter contained in avocado oil protects hair against harmful sun radiation.

Light consistency of oil makes application easier and allows even administration on hair. What is more, oil has a stunning scent. It can be used as a hair conditioner to preserve good and healthy hair condition or as a treatment for damaged and dry hair. Furthermore, cosmetic can be used both on damp and dry hair.

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