Skin changes removal. Cut it, freeze it or laser it?

Skin changes removal. Cut it, freeze it or laser it?

There are all sorts of skin changes – warts, scars, angioma, hyperpigmentation. They all have one thing in common. The fact that getting rid of them is troublesome and requires you to go for the heavy guns. What are the effective methods to remove unwanted skin changes? Check out!

Some people do not worry about the changes that appear on their skin. Others like to have their look under control so they search for the most effective ways to remove scars, hyperpigmentations and other changes.

Today’s technology allows you to fight back the unwanted changes on your skin. Even when it seems extremely problematic and seemingly impossible to remove hyperpigmentations, scars, angioma or other unwanted guests.

No matter the type of skin change, it can be removed by one of three methods – cryotherapy, laser or surgically.

Freezing the skin changes up

The first option is for those of you who want to get rid of hyperpigmentations fast and without surgical intervention and it is called cryotherapy. How exactly works freezing the skin changes up and when you should consider this solution.

When it comes to cryotherapy, removing the skin changes is freezing the change with liquid nitrogen and defrosting it alternately – as a result, the cells of the change are damaged. Obviously, given skin change does not disappear right away but after a few days post-procedure. A small blister is created on the skin that later on falls off reviling the healthy skin underneath.

The changes that you can freeze up:

  • warts,
  • genital warts,
  • seborrheic warts.

Interestingly, cryotherapy is used also as a treatment for acne. It not only helps get rid of it but also reduces post-acne hyperpigmentation.

Is cryotherapy a painful treatment for skin change removal? No, it is not. Cryotherapy is painless, but after the treatment, the skin needs to be properly protected (especially because warts can be caused by a virus!).

Laser treatment for skin changes removal

The second method requires the use of a concentrated light beam. Here, medical consultation is required as it is up to your doctor if there are indications for laser removal and what kind of laser power is needed. Every case is different and requires a different approach.

Laser skin changes removal is recommended for:

  • fibroids,
  • some nevi,
  • scars,
  • growth or angioma.

Is laser skin change removal painful? It is a treatment made with local anesthesia for a more comfortable experience. However, you must keep in mind that skin needs to heal after the treatment.

Surgical skin changes removal

All other marks and those that do not qualify for laser or liquid nitrogen treatment can be removed surgically.

Unfortunately, surgical skin change removal is a procedure involving an incision of unwanted change. It is definitely more tiresome and pricy for the patient.

After surgical skin change removal, proper care is required for the area where the change was located. If you do not provide proper conditions for the skin to heal there may appear another scaring.

What is the best method to remove skin changes?

If you have unwanted skin changes and wish to remove it, the simplest method is to visit a beauty salon that offers all the above-mentioned methods. A professional may propose the one that is best for your particular case. You do not have to just know it!

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