To the rescue! What to do to make lashes grow faster?

To the rescue! What to do to make lashes grow faster?

Sometimes, the appearance and condition of our lashes can dramatically worsen. What to do once we discover deficits along the lashline? This means we are losing more lashes than usually. Fortunately, thinning and weak lashes can be saved. Here are a few reliable methods to make lashes grow back!

There are many factors that have an influence on the condition of our lashes. Not only the way of treatment counts but also: the products we use, how we remove the makeup, how we put on makeup. We should all be aware of the fact that every movement can have a significant impact on their condition.

Why we lose lashes? The factors that contribute to excessive lash loss:

  1. Having volume lash extensions done too frequently.
  2. Improperly performed eyelash extension or removal procedure.
  3. Omitting makeup removal or doing it not gently enough.
  4. Using out of date or toxic cosmetics.
  5. Hormonal imbalance, various diseases and infections.

Luckily, everything that harms our lashes can be reduced. However, this does not mean that they will instantly go back to their previous state. It is definitely a lot easier to deteriorate them than to rebuild. Therefore, prevention is extremely important.

  • Eyelash serums are recommended for a daily care – the best ones are able not only to nourish lashes but also strengthen, regenerate and increase their growth. They are the best aid for regrowing and enhancing condition. 

What to do after you lost a lot of lashes? There are a few reliable methods, that will boost lash growth. They are all based on the fact that the lash growth cycle lasts about 3 – 4 months. If a lash falls out prematurely, our task is to reinforce the bulb which leads to increased growth of a new lash. The secret is to readjust this process and balancing the number of lashes that fall out with those that are growing back.

Moreover, some women like to reach for traditional methods of lash treatment such as lash oiling. It is a technique well-known to our grandmothers who applied rich and thick Cator oil on a daily basis to strengthen and darken their lashes. Nowadays, a much better solution is to use more professional conditioning products (of course, they can be combined with the old-fashioned ideas). Nevertheless, it is worth remembering to nourish lashes from within by changing eating habits – a diet rich in vitamins and minerals with be beneficial not only for the lashes but to the entire body.

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