Beautiful eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows

Indeed, in many cultures, women’s stare and one-of-a-kind eye expression are the synonyms of pure femininity. However, it is worth being aware of the fact that even the most marvelous iris will not be beautifully defined if our eyebrows are not neat.

Get ready!

Eyebrow hair removal is not definitely the most pleasurable beautifying treatment we can undergone. However, when Mother Nature decided to gift us with lush eyebrows than this kind of procedure is clearly a must. Luckily enough, the treatment is not demanding yet beginners have to arm themselves with patience before acquiring eyebrow removing skills.

For eyebrow hair removal, as for any other beautifying treatment, we are going to need a few instruments. Firstly, prepare a special brush due to which it will be possible to remove the residues of make-up out of the eyebrows. What is more, such an accessory helps also with setting eyebrows before we start removing unnecessary hair form our face.

Another instrument which is fairly crucial for conducting the procedure are obviously the tweezers. The great advantage of the accessory is that it does not require having any special skills that enable us using it. In other words, it is just child’s play when it comes to tweezers use. Another asset, it is available in every drugstore.

If you are not resistant to pain, then learn a few problem-solving techniques and start applying them from now on. Firstly, it is advisable to take a longer bath right before eyebrow hair removal treatment. Thanks to water and warmth, skin becomes more soft and elastic. Secondly, fairly satisfying effects are also produced by cooling down eyebrow area due to ice cubes.

Get started!

If our eyebrows have not been beautified before, then it is crucial to shape them the right way straight off. The next sessions will depend only on removing the hair that outgrown from the places they should not appear. The tricky part is that there is not just one eyebrow line that matches everybody’s face shape. Certainly, each of us has different face therefore it is important to follow the instructions enumerated below.

Step No. 1

The very first thing that has to be done is reaching for either a ruler or an eye pencil or other long item which has to be put on nose lengthwise. To be more precise, one tip of the eye pencil has to be put on the side of the nose. It is extremely crucial to make the eye pencil adjoin the nose straight. The other tip has to go through the inner corner of the eye and runs to eyebrow line. The place where the eyebrow and the pencil crosses is the very spot the eyebrows should start. Mark it with a pencil and start removing the unnecessary hair located outside the mark.

Step No. 2

The eye pencil has to touch nose one more time yet, this time at 30 degrees – just to make the item go parallel to outer corner of the eye and cross eyebrow line. And again mark the very place. This is the other ‘border line’ of your eyebrows.

While removing unnecessary hair it is worth remembering that the final effect should look as natural as possible. Their shape should not be changed much. In general, all we should adjust is the length of the eyebrows, not the shape itself. Basically, we can get rid of individual hairs that grow aside from the upper eyebrow area.

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