D.I.Y – How to prepare Orange Body Scrub and how will it help you?

D.I.Y – How to prepare Orange Body Scrub and how will it help you?

Making your own homemade orange body scrub is child’s play. Suffice to collect the following ingredients: white sugar, olive oil, honey, coconut oil and orange peel. Obviously, all the components are easy to find in any kitchen, a fridge or in an outdoor market. The greatest advantage of the homemade body scrubs is the fact, that it enables you to not only save some money but also you are positive that the cosmetic you made is 100% natural. It goes without saying, that you can use other oils and fruits than the ones enumerated above. Feel free to shuffle about the ingredients accordingly to your preferences, mood as well as your skin type and its needs.

O.K., so what are the properties featured by an orange? For example, it contains C vitamin that highlights, immunizes, evens skin tone, moisturizes, purifies as well as works anti-bacterial and relieving. What is also crucial, the orange body scrub can be applied all year long. Generally speaking, it is advisable to perform skin exfoliation treatment once or twice per week. Another thing to remember, after such a beautifying treatment performance, it is crucial to moisturize the body with a cream, cosmetic butter or a body balm.

How to prepare homemade orange body scrub?

As mentioned before, it is completely undemanding. All you have to do it to mix all the above mentioned ingredients, so a half of a glass of white sugar, several spoons of olive oil, two spoons of honey and coconut oil, finely chopped orange peel and a teaspoon of orange juice. Choose the size of sugar crystals accordingly to your individual skin needs and its type. To clarify, the more your skin is prone to irritations, the smaller crystals you should use. Moreover, the consistency of the body scrub should be neither too dry nor too dense or watery. Naturally, the cosmetic has to be applied on slightly wet body skin. In fact, you can also put it on a face and a scalp, however remember to do it delicately. Basically, instead sugar, you can add minced oatmeal. This kind of scrub is perfect for face care.

Certainly, epidermis exfoliation should be one of your day-to-day care treatment routine. Why? Because scrubs positively influence skin condition, eliminate all dead epidermis cells, highlight discolourations and smooth fine lines. Furthermore, such cosmetics boost blood circulation, speed up skin regeneration processes, make it more firm and also shape figure. Another positive side, due to a body scrub, skin is more eager to absorb all moisturizing and nourishing substances.

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