Damaged hair care, humectants, emollients and proteins

Damaged hair care, humectants, emollients and proteins

Damaged hair does not only look unfavourably but it is more fragile, prone to breakage, and susceptible to falling out. Such hair type requires special care in which three main roles belong to humectants, emollients and proteins. Keep on reading to learn more.

You can blame genetics for bad hair condition (“after all it was always fragile and brittle”) or a hairdresser (“she did bad colouring and therefore the hair is dull”). However, most often we are guilty because we are dealing with hair poorly; we tend to ignore the first signs of deterioration in its condition and we do not take proper care of it. Although the hair is very durable – apparently it can carry up to several kilograms – it really requires careful care. Under the influence of high temperature, frequent stylization, frost, wind, sun, poor diet, bad cosmetics, free radicals the hair weakens very fast.

How to take care of damaged hair?

Damages hair care should begin with changing our habits. Give up on the treatments and cosmetics that may contribute to worsening its condition. Try not to straighten, curl and even tie it for a while. Also, it is worth trimming the ends that are not able to be rebuilt – if they are already split, you cannot seal them.

For damaged hair, it is extremely important that you provide it with:

  • proteins – rebuilding and strengthening ingredients, such as keratin,
  • humectants – moisturising substances, for instance, urea, aloe, hyaluronic acid,
  • emollients – for example, natural oils that prevent water loss and shield the strands.

Applying oils to damaged hair 

Weak hair needs oils because these are natural ingredients that can protect it. A good hair oil protects not only against the harmful effects of the sun (most of the oils are natural UV filters) but also high temperatures or mechanical damage. Hair smoothed with oil is less susceptible to tangling, so it’s easier to comb it in a gentle way.

The most recommended oils for damaged hair are those that have a lot of valuable omega-3 and omega-6 acids. One of them gained extreme popularity – the properties of Argan oil make it the top-rated oil among a range of oils chosen for hair regeneration. However, it is really an oil that can be used on any type of hair. How does it work? Its main task is to restore damaged hair and strengthen its structure. The substance protects the tips (and all hair) from external factors very effectively. Argan oil also has heat protecting properties.

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