Face skin discolourations. How to deal with them?

Face skin discolourations. How to deal with them?

Freckles, brown marks, sun-induced pigmentation and age spots… All of these can mar face and body skin. In most cases, skin discolouration become visible during pregnancy as a consequence of hormonal disorder, as a result of improper way of sunbathing and because skin ageing processes. Fortunately, all skin discolourations can be either removed for good or highlighted. Keep reading and learn about home remedies and techniques applied by dermatologists that facilitate elimination of unwanted skin discolourations.

There are plenty of home remedies which make skin discolourations less visible. When it comes to the spots that are present only on epidermis (which have bright brown or bright pink colour), they can be highlighted with cosmetics bought at a chemist’s or with the products made at home. And this can be done without any difficulty. All you have to be aware of though, is that the complete course of the treatment will last no less than even four months. The cosmetics that you need, should contain either glycolic acid or salicylic acid yet in a fairly low concentration. What is more, the products that are destined to fight against skin discolourations may contain A and C vitamins. Remember, if you want all the discoloration marks to be removed, you have to apply the cosmetics regularly. It is also suggested, to use products containing skin protection filter during a day. Thanks to this, you will not let any new skin discolourations to develop. At bedtime, try to apply cosmetics rich in active substances. Thanks to them, you will obtain effect of smooth and pretty skin much faster. Certainly, the fight against skin discolorations can be easier due to homemade cosmetics. The best ones are either lemon or cucumber toners. Suffice to squeeze the lemon in order to receive the juice and wipe your face with it everyday. Cucumber peel or slices can be covered with boiling water or put on the face directly (leave the cucumber on your face for several minutes only).

When it comes to the more serious discolourations, these can be removed by a dermatologist or an experienced beautician. The right beauty treatments and cosmetics that answer a particular skin problem can work miracles. The truth is, treatments that are conducted either in a dermatologic surgery or a beauty parlour are powerful enough to eliminate all skin discolourations, even those located in the deeper skin layers. At present, the best treatments for skin discolourations are microdermabrasion or use of chemical exfoliants that contain AHA or BHA acids. To illustrate, microdermabrasion depends on rubbing dead epidermis cells mechanically (and at the same time highlighting of discolourations) with the use of specially designed heads (of a microdermabrasion device). Thanks to AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants, dead epidermis cells are ‘melted’. As it is not hard to guess, combination of both the treatments guarantees the best possible outcomes.

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