Hair serum only for mature women? Myths debunked!

Hair serum only for mature women? Myths debunked!

The power of concentrated nourishing ingredients for deep hair regeneration? This is just one of hair serum properties. You do not have to worry that higher concentration of substances in serum or its precise action can do any harm. We want to present you with the most popular myths about hair serum, which are frequent on the Internet, despite not having much in common with reality.


Hair serum is only for mature women

We are not quite sure where this belief, as to hair serum being suitable only to women after the age of 40, come from. It could perhaps have something to do with the fact that young people are advised to use light cosmetics. Although, hair serum despite its definition of being strong and concentrated, can also have light and pleasing formula. With pure pleasure we debunk this myth and want to encourage young people to try hair serum.


Hair serum needs to be used everyday

Good quality moisturising serum can easily replace traditional hair conditioner. This is not a myth. However, no one said that hair serum needs to be used everyday, because such application on hair (as much as larger amounts) can only worsen hair condition. The power of this cosmetic is great enough to require from you application up to 1-2 times a week. Hair serum can be used everyday, but only as a regenerative treatment. Two months of everyday application of serum should be intersperse with four months break.


Every hair serum has repair properties

When we think about hair serum we imagine cosmetic for very damaged hair. To be true most of these products is in fact the only rescue for damaged hair, but not every serum has regenerative properties. There are several types of hair serums. Moisturising serum is best for normal hair in need of conditioning. Rejuvenating serum works great on weaken by age hair of mature people. However, regenerative serum is an individual type of cosmetic dedicated for nourishment and restoration of very damaged hair, e.g. after hairdresser’s treatments.

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