Highlighting under eye cream Hydra Sparkling from Givenchy

Highlighting under eye cream Hydra Sparkling from Givenchy

Each one of us is aware of the profound importance of the around eye skin area care. It is this very place on face skin that exposes our age and reveals whether we take care of our body or not. What is more, around eye skin area is the one that becomes covered with wrinkles (crow’s feet) in the first place. Basically, our look is also exacerbated by dark circles and under-eye bags. Is there any possibility to counteract formation of such skin imperfections? Obviously, there is. The only one sensible method of fighting against these defects is massage combined with moisturization. Fortunately, under eye cream Hydra Sparkling from Givenchy is here to help us.

The under eye cream Hydra Sparkling (the full name of the product: Hydra Sparkling Luminescence Moisturizing Eye – Reviver Gel) from Givenchy moisturizes skin around eyes. Thanks to maintaining the appropriate level of hydration, all wrinkles become smoothed, swellings reduced and dark circles highlighted. What is more, the cosmetic can be also applied on eyelids. Due to such a treatment, you can shape the contour of eyes and turn the eyelids into being more lifted. Consequently eyes will procure the optical illusion of being wide-open. The highlighting Hydra Sparkling cream from Givenchy contains also a special moisturizing complex. However, it is a pity, the producer does not want to reveal any further information concerning this magical substance.

In order to obtain smoothed eye skin area and succeed in eyelid lifting, you have to know what are the directions for Hydra Sparkling cream use. The cosmetic has to be applied morning and/or evening before or after makeup performance. Remember, do not apply the cream right underneath the eyes because skin in this place is too gentle, you could harm it and expose to irritations easily. What is more, perform mini massage during the cream application. Distribute Givenchy product around eyes and, then, pat it into with the use of your fingertips. Start the procedure from inner corners of the eyes and, next, move towards the eyelids, omitting outer corners of the eyes.

Highlighting under eye cream Hydra Sparkling from Givenchy is closed in a little, blue tube. The capacity of the package equals 15 ml.

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