How to deal with dull and matte face skin?

How to deal with dull and matte face skin?

Fatigued, dull, and matte skin causes a knotty problem for numerous women. This kind of skin cannot be hidden underneath layers of colour cosmetics, yet it can be highlighted and nourished. All you have to do is visit a dermatologist or purchase right cosmetics. Why our skin is dull, matte and without radiance? Probably, it is the result of disturbed process of keratosis pilaris, also known as ‘chicken skin’. As a consequence, dead epidermis cells, external contaminants as well as sebum tend to gather on face surface and skin pores creating a kind of a thick layer. Under those circumstances, skin becomes uneven, matte and without radiance. What is more, it becomes covered with discolourations and pigmentation marks (it happens mainly after summer).

What can you do? Give a go to cosmetics having highlighting properties or to the products containing fruit acids of low concentration. At bedtime, apply moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics. While doing make-up, do not forget to apply a blusher that will gift your face with freshness as well as delicate and girlish look. Another good idea is to apply face masks rich in C vitamin. It is worth realizing, all bronzing and self-tanning creams may dates you, therefore, it is advised against using this kind of products. In a case, your face skin is greatly damaged or harmed by the sun, cosmetics, or medications, then visit a dermatologist or a beautician parlour. Surely, people working in these two places will give you advise on how to restore your youthful look.

Beauty parlours or aesthetic medicine surgeries are the places where many treatments are undergone. The beauty therapies available in these places aims at, for example, highlighting skin discolorations or helping you eliminate other skin imperfections. The most popular treatments are mechanic microdermabrasion, oxygenating treatments and collagen face masks. Microdermabrasion is on of the most popular beauty treatments that are able to restore freshness, smoothness and radiance to a face. It depends on rubbing epidermis layer with the use of a diamond head attached to a microdermabrasion device. When it comes to oxygenating treatments, these stimulate blood circulation, improve firmness and even skin tone. Face masks, in turn, nourish and take good care of your complexion. If they contain C vitamin, or other fruit acids, they will be able to highlight skin discolourations as well.

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