How to Use Face Serum? You Are 7 Steps Away From Flawless Skin

How to Use Face Serum? You Are 7 Steps Away From Flawless Skin

Everybody knows a thing called face serum yet some people don’t know how to use it for the best results. You should definitely put your mind to it because the results can be spectacular. After all, serum has been created to give maximum nourishing and intensive repair to the skin. Discover all face-serum secrets to always boast a wrinkle-free face.

7 rules for using face serum

1. Use a few drops of the serum tops.

Face serums contain highly-concentrated ingredients and they usually come in small bottles because you need just two or three drops for a single use.

2. Choose the right serum for your skin type.

Don’t buy a serum because your friend or colleague swears by it. Always customize it to your skin type. If your skin breaks out easily, make sure your serum is rich in vitamin B3 or retinol. As far as dry, sensitive, dehydrated skins go, seek serums featuring hyaluronic acid or oil-serum (based on almond, avocado or argan oil). Aging skin and first wrinkles should be treated with vitamin A and vitamin C (the latter perfectly brightens the complexion so skin stops looking tired and dull).

3. Prep your skin before applying serum.

Serum cannot be used on dirty skin because it won’t work properly or it may even worsen the condition of skin congesting the pores. So, always apply your serum on cleansed skin. You must remove make-up, wash the face and use a toner to balance the skin’s pH and make it more absorbent.

4. Keep the applicator away from the skin.

Even if your skin is perfectly clean, don’t touch the face with the applicator because it may pick up the dirt that might have been left on the skin. If the applicator gets dirty, then the serum is affected by the impurities and may even start having a bad effect on skin. Always measure out a few drops of serum on the palms and smooth the serum evenly all over the face.

5. Oil-serums like warmth.

If your serum is made up of oils, you can upgrade the effects easily. Warm it up between the palms to make it penetrate the dermis easily.

6. Massaging the skin pays off!

Face serums are lightweight and well-absorbed but we can make them work even better by forcing the cells to repair. How? Use the power of massage. Take a jade roller or gently massage the face with the fingertips to increase the blood flow.

7. Your serum needs a companion.

If you want professional skin care that keeps skin safe, always apply a moisturizer after the serum because it secures the external layer of skin. Serum concentrates on the dermis. If you don’t apply a moisturizer/cream, the skin may be irritated and damaged even if you use the world’s best serum. Make sure your moisturizer is rich in a high SPF.

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