Is your hair dry, frizzy or greasy? Learn how to care for your hairdo the right way!

Is your hair dry, frizzy or greasy? Learn how to care for your hairdo the right way!

Is your hair far from perfect? If you know your hair type, you are on track for eliminating all problems and following the right hair care. See how to care for oily and limp, dry and damaged, fine and frizzy hair the best way!

How to care for greasy hair?

If your hair looks greasy, limp and frizzy a day after washing, follow these tips to easily get rid of the problem!

  1. Wash your hair as often as necessary – this is the only way to remove the excess of oil.
  2. Remember to use products that reduce the secretion of sebum and rinse the hair using cool water.
  3. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week. This way you lessen the secretion of oil as well as thoroughly cleanse the scalp so that it is free from toxins and product buildup. This kind of shampoo also cleanses the hair roots and lifts them.
  4. Give up on thick conditioners which may weigh down the hair. Instead, choose a lightweight leave-in spray conditioner.
  5. While blow-drying, always use a cool airflow to avoid extremely dry, irritated scalp. Thanks to that the skin won’t produce too much oil.
  6. Apply a hair mask once a week – ideally choose masks that nourish the hair as well as detoxify the scalp and work for greasy hair. Search for masks rich in nettle or horsetail extract, charcoal and clay.

How to care for fine hair?

Fine hair is extremely delicate and prone to breakage and damage. It easily loses moisture so it tends to be dry.

  1. Remember to regularly apply lightweight conditioners which protect the hair without weighing it down. Make sure your products have a light consistency and thicken the hair structure.
  2. Choose products containing silicones, keratin, vitamin B5 and grapeseed extract. A keratin hair mask makes a great pick – it can be thick because you use it just once a week.
  3. Use products that protect the delicate, frizzy hair ends. Reach for natural organic oils and apply them to the hair tips.
  4. On a daily basis avoid overloading products which weigh the fine hair down. Pick foam and spray-on cosmetics.

How to care for dry hair?

If your hair is straw-like and stiff, tends to tangle and the ends are split, learn how to remedy extremely dry hair.

  1. Take vitamins B, vitamin H and PP and horsetail supplements. You can also drink horsetail or nettle teas – a cup a day for 4 weeks should give lots of benefits for your hairdo.
  2. Use mild shampoos and conditioners and make sure they are based on natural ingredients, herbs and fruit.
  3. If your hair splits, you need to cut down the ends and use products that protect the cuticles and make the hair smooth again.
  4. Apply a repair balm or mask designed for damaged hair to the hair lengths. Use an oil for dry, highly-porous hair once a week. This should remedy your dry tresses.

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