Lip plumpers and other enhancers. Which ones are the most effective?

Lip plumpers and other enhancers. Which ones are the most effective?

Your lips are thin and barely visible and you want them to look fuller and save yourself from injectable fillers? Luckily there are other, non-invasive methods. The right products and a couple of makeup tricks will turn them to mouth-watering, full, kissable lips. Check out how to make thin lips look bigger.

TOP lip-plumping methods

1. Lip exfoliation

Chapped, pale lips don’t look any good and are definitely not full or sexy. Their contour is vague and barely there. A gentle, fine-grained scrub helps to smooth them out and stimulate microcirculation so this way you get back a nice, healthy color, plus exfoliation makes lips appear fuller. You can get ready-made blends to exfoliate chapped epidermis but if you like, you can apply some sugar to wet lips and gently massage them.

The best and – let’s face it – the cheapest way of getting flawless lips is massaging them gently with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Ideally, moisturize them with a blend of lanolin and argan, avocado or castor oil. Honey works great too. Obviously, you shouldn’t overuse this lip-brushing trick because skin on the lips is delicate and easily irritated. Twice a week is perfectly enough.

2. Collagen and hyaluronic acid filler

Products rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid make an alternative to in-salon procedures. Without doubts home methods won’t give spectacular effects but women say they can see the difference after using such products.

Molecules of active ingredients penetrate the skin, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing the lips and making them look fabulous within a few minutes.

3. Lip plumpers

A separate group of products that enhance the lips in a non-invasive way. Plumpers are specially-designed lip glosses enriched with substances that penetrate the skin and puff up inside, slightly filling in the lips. Plumpers are often made of natural, prickly substances which stimulate skin microcirculation (e.g. glycyrrhiza, chili pepper, menthol or cinnamon extract). That’s why you get a tingling sensation. Many of them are additionally rich in ingredients filling furrows and smoothing wrinkles, as well as substances that have a conditioning effect and nourish the skin (e.g. marine collagen).

4. Peptide lip gels & creams

This type of product boasts about a high content of active peptides. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin i.e. main skin-supporting proteins. Long-term use gives effects in form of reduced wrinkles, firmer lips and tighter skin around them.

5. Lip primer

It’s simply a base for your lipstick which is designed to make products last longer as well as prime lips for makeup. That is why primers are enriched with plant extracts and fill in cracks in the lip skin, making lips smooth and highlighting their shape.

6. Volume lipsticks & lip glosses

They feature collagen and a set of intensively moisturizing substances. The name gives away their purpose: they are supposed to add volume and fullness to lips. Right after application, you can feel a cooling or tingling sensation because volumizing products often include slightly stimulating ingredients. At the same time, we should know that very thin lips don’t go with dark colors and hues. If your lips are like that, you’d better choose light and shimmery or satin finish lipsticks which make lips appear bigger. Even though non-invasive lip plumping methods don’t give long-term effect like esthetic medicine procedures, they are cheaper and safer as well as ensure lovely looking lips and skin care.

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