Make-up for blue eyes step by step

Make-up for blue eyes step by step

Which colour of eye shadows does suit blue eyes most? Violet, yellow or maybe brown? None of these. Blue iris composes best with grey eye shadows. And this kind of make-up style is not boring or bleak. See for yourself!

At the beginning, take care of your complexion. Apply a BB cream or a make-up base. Then, put on a foundation that will not only make you skin tone even but also the one that will be strong enough to camouflage all skin imperfections. Next, use a one tone brighter concealer and distribute it under eyes area. Thanks to this, you will cover dark circles and swellings. What is more, define eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil that is of the same colour as your eyebrows are (in fact the shade can be a tone brighter as well). Only then can you focus on your eyes.

Mark outer corners of the eyes with the grey eye shadow. Apply a black shade on the same place. In such a way, your will add a kind of depth to eye make-up, which in turn, will facilitate obtaining smoky eye effect later-on. Repeat the action on lower eyelids. Blend the colour cosmetics by using a soft brush. The reminding part of eyelids has to be covered with metallic silver eye shadow. Do it using a wide applicator. When it comes to inner corners of the eyes, cover these with white metallic eye shadow, which will make your eyes optically bigger. Do not overdo with the amount of the cosmetic since the thick layer of the white shadow will make you look simply cheesy. Take an eyeliner and draw a line along upper eyelash base. Coat your eyelashes with thickening and extending mascara of black shade. At the end, define your lips with a pink lipstick or a lip gloss.

In order to do the above-presented make-up, you may use: L’Oréal eye shadows, eyebrow pencil by Maybelline, Bourjois mascara, blusher by Rimmel and pressed foundation by Max Factor.

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