Make-up mistakes: find out if you make yourself look older!

Make-up mistakes: find out if you make yourself look older!

If you apply make-up the right way, you are able to camouflage imperfections, hide beauty defects, enhancing natural beauty at the same time. Too bad we like to go too far, even while putting on go-to make-up, and make ourselves look older instead of taking years off. Check if you are not the one who repeats basic make-up mistakes. Always beware of them and look like a marvel, not a monster.

Make-up products have been made so that we can enhance our best features. Too bad we often use them all wrong, usually overusing them. The effect might be miserable.

Basic make-up mistakes

1. You fill in brows all wrong

There are separate, “fat” articles being written about eyebrow make-up mistakes because women tend to have problems defining their shape. We often pluck them too much and fill them in wrongly getting awful asymmetry on the face and looking grotesque. We even don’t know which shade of a brow product to pick so we surely don’t create a beautiful frame for the face… If you are having problems defining the brow shape and filling them in, visit a salon and let a beautician show you how to map the brows. Remember to abstain from overplucking. Skinny brows are no longer in. These days bold, defined eyebrow arches rule, taking years off and giving us a girlish charm.

2. Dreaded cake-face effect

A foundation is the most important product in your make-up so choose the right color, shade, tone and type carefully! If you can’t do it on your own, ask a beautician for help. Remember also that foundations have a variety of functions and degrees of coverage. You’d better give up on full coverage products used on a daily basis and turn to quality BB creams (Korean BB, CC and DD creams enjoy a great popularity). There’s nothing worse than an unnatural-looking face with foundation line across the jaw!

3. Loose powder overuse

Another thing giving the cake face effect. Women like their loose powders…too much. It’s really surprising that this liking for powders hasn’t seemed to lessen throughout decades. We wrongly believe that the more the powder, the longer-lasting the make-up. Unfortunately, we don’t achieve the velvet-like skin this way. Just the other way round: the face looks as if covered in flour. It’s better to touch up make-up during the day rather than put too much in the morning. Powder excess builds up in face creases and furrows, making them more visible…

4. Too dark lipsticks

Yes, it’s good to define the lips, especially when they’re full, but choose the right colors! A dark lipstick makes a good choice for a party whereas softer colors are the best for the go-to look making the face look fresh and rested. Also remember that dark lipsticks make lips look smaller which isn’t a desired effect, right? 🙂

5. Dark colors on the lower eyelids

While trying to make yourself look younger, you need to choose your eye make-up products wisely. Dark, thick lines on the bottom lids make us look mysterious and seductive but… not in the daylight. If you create the look during your morning routine, you might be left with tired, older-looking face and enhanced dark circles.

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