Moisturizing Body Lotion by Clinique – Deep Comfort™ Collection

Moisturizing Body Lotion by Clinique – Deep Comfort™ Collection

Clinique has designed a new collection that is composed of several moisturizing cosmetics. The collection is named Deep Comfort™ and includes the following products: Body Moisture, Body Butter, Body Wash as well as Hand and Cuticle Cream. What is more, Deep Comfort™ includes yet another cosmetic – Body Lotion that is an ideal cosmetic for upcoming winter days. Thanks to this product, skin will be safeguarded from freezing cold.

Deep Comfort™ Body Lotion by Clinique is closed in a bottle of 400 ml capacity. The package ends with a pump dispenser which facilitates the cosmetic application. It is easy to distribute the very amount of the product we need at a moment. Besides, we do not have to struggle with uncomfortable cosmetic closings like for example bungs or caps. The truth is, such closings are difficult to handle when our hands are slippery because of applied cosmetic. Moreover, Deep Comfort™ collection can be recognized by its pale nude coloured packages.

When should one apply Deep Comfort™ Body Lotion? It is obvious, body skin has to be moisturized all year long, nevertheless, the special attention concerning skin hydration should be paid during winter. Because of low temperatures, body skin is prone to become exfoliated, dry and frostbitten. This in turn may lead to stinging. Furthermore, the discomfort might be felt also when thick and tight clothes taken off. It is also suggested to remember about skin moisturization after every bath, shower and hair removal.

Thanks to Deep Comfort™ Body Lotion by Clinique body skin will regain its smoothness and softness. Another advantage, the cosmetic is able to maintain optimal moisture balance as well. Even a single and sheer layer of Body Lotion will protect our skin against irritations and cold air. Particularly, the product will also relieve all discomforts that may be generated right after having hot bath, regenerates damaged epidermis after hair removal and alleviates body skin. What is more, the cosmetic is perfect for thick skin care located on knees, heels and elbows. Unfortunately, Clinique product is fairly dense which is why it cannot be used for face skin moisturization.

Clinique cosmetic brand gives a hint which cosmetics to use, despite the ones from Deep Comfort™ collection, in order to make our skin not only more moisturized but also younger and prettier. For example, you can reach for Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + hydrating emulsion, Even Better Eyes under eye cream and Superbalm Lip Treatment.

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