Natural cosmetics from your own home laboratory part 2.

Natural cosmetics from your own home laboratory part 2.

When we finally know how to weight and measure particular ingredients, which instruments, equipment and bowls to use as well as how to store the home-made cosmetics, time to prepare a few natural products in our home laboratory!

Cosmetics for face cleansing

This kind of products are prepared the same way as creams or lotions (see ‘Natural cosmetics from your own home laboratory part 1.’). Both passes, water and oily, have to be combined with the use of either a glass spatula or a mixer. Then, the cream or the lotion should be applied on face and neck, left for a while and then it has to be removed precisely with lukewarm water or with a toner (it is good for removing a face cleansing cream with arnica). In order to prepare an avocado lotion prepare one tablespoon of avocado oil, one tablespoon of honey, a half of a tablespoon of powdered milk, one tablespoon of semi-skimmed milk and one cup of rose water. All you have to do now, warm up the rose water and add the ingredients gradually, stirring continuously.


When it comes to application of a toner, in each case, it should be poured onto a cotton pad. Then, you can simply cleanse your face with the damp cotton pad, and this is pretty all that should be known. If you want to make your own a rose&orange toner prepare 50 grams of rose water and 50 grams of orange water. Mix these substances and pour the mixture into a bottle made of a dark glass.

Bath additives

Mint bath. If you like washing yourself in bath full of water, you will need approximately 100 grams of mint leaves. Such a bath works refreshing, stimulating and purifying on body skin.

Bath oils. All the ingredients have to be poured into a bottle and then shaken vigorously. To make full bath smell the way you want, suffice to use one or two tablespoons of the oils. Such products have to be stored in a dark and cool place. Combine 50 grams of jasmine oil, orange oil or rose oil and 90 grams of soy oil or wheat-germ oil.

Face masks

First thing to bear in mind, remember to omit eye skin area when you apply any face mask. To make your own an anti-wrinkle face mask, collect the following ingredients: two tablespoons of wheat flour, one teaspoon of wheat-germ oil, one tablespoon of honey and a half of a cup of milk. Mix the flour with the milk, add the oil and the honey. Stir until you obtain a lump-free mixture.

Nettle shampoo

Prepare 50 grams of nettle infusion, 10 grams of potash, 750 ml of distilled water and 50 grams of soft soap. Combine all the ingredients precisely and pour the mixture into a bottle made of dark glass.

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