Nice-looking hair? A few tricks which will help you take care of hairstyle

Nice-looking hair? A few tricks which will help you take care of hairstyle

First of all, systematic trimming

Trimming of hair is a fairly fast and easy way of improving condition and look of hair. Sometimes a simple cut, without the necessity of layering, is enough to gift a hairstyle with nice-looking shape and volume. Thanks to trimming, we speed up hair growth, make it strong and significantly improve strands’ condition. This kind of a treatment can be performed at home, on your own. However, if you are not brave enough or if you do not have too much experience in hair-styling, then it is suggested giving yourself to the professionals’ hands. Surely, these hair experts will give you advice on how to take care of hair, what kind of haircut will be the most suitable for your face and which colour to dye the hair in order to improve your look.

Secondly, use of a round hairbrush

To set your hair, use airstylers. The device is much more safer for hair than a straightener or a curler because it does not heat up itself that much. Hair treated with an airstyler is smooth and straight, and the ends stop being unruly. The same effect can be obtained using a blow-dryer and a round hairbrush. But still, the solution number one seems to be more practical and easier to apply. If you would like to obtain delicate curl of the strands, suffice to set the round hairbrush vertically to hair and then roll strand on it – you will obtain coquettish curl-like effect.

Thirdly, warm keratin and moisturizing silicone

Both keratin and silicone are products that take care and protect hair. Generally speaking, Keratin should be applied when warm because only in this way the substance is absorbed faster and it is easier to distribute it on hair. The product smooths, rebuilds damaged hair and makes all strands glossy. When it comes to silicone, its task is not only to prevent hair from water loss but also to make hair soft. Let it be remembered that too much of the products applied will load hair which can lead to excessive sebum production of scalp.

Fourthly, the real life-saver – dry shampoo.

A dry shampoo is a real hit of last months. Thanks to it, we can improve look of our hair just in the nick of time. Dry shampoo is able to absorb excess of sebum and prevents hair from becoming greasy. Another advantage of the product, the manner of use is extremely simple. Greased hair has to be sprayed with the dry shampoo, placing the bottle approximately 6 inches away from head. Then, the hair has to be rubbed with a dry towel to remove the white powder-like substance. Now, a hairstyle can be set as usual.

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