Novelties from Collistar. Three body Talasso-scrubs

Novelties from Collistar. Three body Talasso-scrubs

Here comes something new! Collistar is about to launch its new products! You can choose between oils, serums and scrubs. When it comes to the scrubs (Talasso-Scrub), you can equip your dressing table with three different skin exfoliating products: anti-ageing, moisturizing and body shaping scrub. Which one would you like to have?

What is the purpose of body skin exfoliation?

This treatment is all about removing dead epidermis cells. While performing it, we eliminate also uneven skin tone and contaminants that have cumulated on our skin. What is more, we stimulate skin to activate its renewal processes, improve blood circulation and provide massage. But what is most important in this case, thanks to use of body scrubs, we make our skin smooth, nourished and well-prepared for absorption of another cosmetics.

How to pick a body scrub? Obviously, the cosmetic has to meet the needs of our skin. Moreover, body scrubs contain various sizes of exfoliating grains. To demonstrate, if you are an owner of sensitive skin, better reach for fine-grained body scrubs. The other skin types will do with coarse-grained products. When it comes to acne or problematic skin types, give a try to enzymatic body scrubs. These are deprived of the exfoliating grains. Worth realizing, body and face scrubs contain many more substances than just the ones above-mentioned. For that reason, it is advisable to read the composition focusing mainly on the active substances. Worth picking these accordingly to our skin needs.

Clllistar Talasso-Scrubs

Anti-age scrub contains orange juice and fruit oils. These are the very substances providing nourishment and take good care of skin. Moreover, these ingredients gift skin with immediate exfoliation, smoothing, highlighting, wrinkles swallowing and regeneration. As a consequence, skin becomes smooth and soft. The second product form Collistar, provides skin with proper hydration. It is composed of sea salt, cane sugar and oils. Obviously, thanks to this product, dead epidermis cells are eliminated, skin is smoothed, revitalized and tautened. The third cosmetic’s aim is to help with shaping the body. The composition of this body scrub contains, among others, cherries extract, Omega 3 and 6 acids as well as A and E vitamins. This product boosts skin renewal processes, provides moisturization, purification and smoothing.

Collistar body scrubs are destined for all skin types. These can be applied right before putting on a moisturizing body lotion or self-tanning products. All the body scrubs form Collistar should be applied on damp skin using a special spatula. After that, these have to be massaged into skin. Do it through several minutes. At the end, rinse the body scrub and apply a moisturizing lotion.

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