Summer guide. How to protect your face against the sun?

Summer guide. How to protect your face against the sun?

The damage that can be caused by excess sun exposure is pretty obvious to everyone. We know that it speeds up skin aging and has a very bad impact on the skin. Can you protect yourself against it? You can if you know those simple methods to protect your face against the sun exposure in the summer.

Summer is the time when we do not want to think about things such as skin aging, hyperpigmentations, UV protection. In fact, you do not have to think about it, you just need to know how to protect your skin against the sun to be able to enjoy the fun of summer trips without any worry about the skin condition. Here are the best ways to protect face against the sun – tested by thousands of women all over the world, recommended by specialists, and often used and passed on from generation to generation.

How to protect your face against the sun?

1. Face cream with high SPF

The first thing that you can introduce in your skincare when you want to take better care of it is cream with a UV filter. You should consider swapping your regular cream for one with SPF for the summer season. It is all it takes for the skin to be covered at least a little bit from the UV rays – depending on the used filter, it will either absorb or reflect the rays sparing the skin from harm. It can be a separate filter that is applied along with the cream or you can try minimalism and use one light-weight cream with a filter in the composition.

2. Protective oil as a make-up base

The natural barrier for the sun is the use of natural oils – the best UV protection is provided by, among many, raspberry seed oil with SPF 28-50, carrot seed oil with SPA 38-40, and wheat germs oil with SPF 20. What can you do to make use of those properties? You can add a few drops of chosen oil to a cream or a foundation, but you can also use it as a make-up base.

3. Mineral powder and make-up products

The protection against the sun can be also created with make-up. We do not mean just a foundation, powder, or make-up setting spray with UV filter. Most of all, it is best to choose mineral cosmetics because minerals are where all the power is locked – those take care of the skin when you wear make-up while also creating a natural protective barrier. Those can also often provide the skin with natural detox and protect it against free radicals.

4. Hats, sunglasses, and sunshade

If not with cosmetics, you can also protect your skin using physical protection. In the summer, you should have sunglasses always with you because those are great protection for your eyes. What is more, caps, hats, and sunshades can come handy as well as anything that can give you shade. The fewer sun rays reach your face the better so it is best to choose those spots where you can hide in the shadow instead of laying in the open sun.

5. Avoid the sun in the noon hours

Last is the simplest and the most effective tip. If you want to avoid damage caused by UV rays to your skin, you should most of all avoid the sun when it’s the highest, shines the brightest. Postpone the walks that you usually take between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for the evening when the sun starts to set. It will not only be more climatic but also safer for the skin of the face.

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