Super hydration from Guerlain – Super Aqua – Eye (Eye Patch)

Super hydration from Guerlain – Super Aqua – Eye (Eye Patch)

Did you know that under eye skin area reveals how old you are? Even, in some cases, this part of a face can create an impression of you being older? In most cases, this unaesthetic effect is caused by improper skin care. This, in turn, conduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes formation. What is the reason of this kind of skin imperfections creation? The determinates may include working in front of a computer or at artificial lightening, tiredness, sleepiness and stress. Bags under the eyes and puffiness are the outcome of alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and diet lacking of vitamins and mineral salts.

What should be done to make skin under eyes look healthy and pretty?

Obviously, all cosmetic shops are full of the moisturizing cosmetics. Suffice to buy one. What is more, massaging is also a good idea in this case. Certainly, this treatment can be performed either with the fingertips or with ice cubes, which can be perceived as a kind of home cryotherapy. While applying care products, remember not to apply these straight under the eyes. Omit this delicate skin and a cream, a serum along with a  face mask pat into the place where cheeks contact eye sockets. The cosmetic should be spread on the face starting from the inner corners of the eyes and head towards the outer corners. Obviously, eyelids should be also treated with the product. When it comes to the above-mentioned home cryotherapy, it boosts blood circulation and, therefore, the appearance of our under eyes skin improves visibly.

Naturally, there are also other ways of eliminating tiredness, puffiness and bags under the eyes. Guerlain brand offers Super Aqua-Eye, moisturizing eye patches. This product contains highly effective moisturizing and nourishing features. Right after the application, the skin is protected from dehydration and impurities. How to use Super Aqua-Eye from Guerlain? Suffice to put the patches onto your eyes and leave these for around ten minutes. Obviously, the skin must be cleansed beforehand. The treatment should be repeated once or twice a week. One package contains six separate patches.

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