Which oils are the best for hair?

Which oils are the best for hair?

Why oils are so good for hair? Probably each of us know this one of the numerous techniques of hair care called oiling. Perhaps you also know the profound effects it is able to produce. Oils, or cosmetics that include oils in their composition, contain plenty of nourishing substances, vitamins, minerals as well as moisturizing and smoothing properties. If we want oils to take care of our hair properly, that we have to use these wisely. For that reason, apply the oils approximately thirty minutes before hair washing or at bedtime when we want to wash our hair in the morning. Regularity is also an issue here.

One of the well-known oils is the castor oil. It can be used either as an ingredient for an egg hair mask or as an individual product for damaged and split ends. What is more, castor oil has hair darkening properties, therefore, blondes should be careful with the quantity of the product applied. Furthermore, castor oil can be put on eyelashes and eyebrows as well. And the best part of it, this cosmetic costs little.

The second, in terms of popularity of natural hair care products, is argan oil. This golden liquid contains numberless amount of vitamins and nourishing substances. It works wonders if applied regularly. This organic cosmetic makes hair smooth, glossy, healthy and soft to the touch. Original argan oil has fairly thick consistency therefore it has to be applied at least four inches away from the scalp.

Coconut oil has solid consistency (if stored in a temperature below 24°C) therefore it has to be warmed up on hands before applying it on hair. This type of oil works best for split ends and frizzy hair. What is more, coconut oil is recommended for people having thin hair because it will not load the strands at all. Since the product is similar in appearance to hair conditioners, it can be applied alike.

Linseed oil protects hair from being electrified and frizzy. Additionally, this natural cosmetic contains strong moisturizing features. Moreover, it comprises of 3 and 6 Omega acids. Linseed oil can be bought at any chemist’s and it should be stored in a fridge. The great advantage of this product, it can be an ingredient used while preparing salads. Thanks to this, it nourishes a human organism also from the inside.

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