D.I.Y. Chocolate Body Lotion and Body Scrub

D.I.Y. Chocolate Body Lotion and Body Scrub

Chocolate in cosmetology – properties and application

Have you ever heard about delicious cosmetics? If the answer is negative, keep reading the article. Thanks to this entry, you will learn how to prepare such a product in your home. What will you need? All the necessary ingredients can be easily found either in your kitchen or in a drugstore. In general, these are a chocolate bar, coca butter and olive oil. The main component of the lotion is obviously the chocolate. What are its properties? Firstly, it moisturizes deeply and softens skin. Secondly, it contains rejuvenating features as well as purifying and skin contracting ones. It makes skin become elastic, firm and smooth. Thirdly, it neutralizes working of free-radicals and protects against harmful working of sun rays. For these very reasons, chocolate is often used for beauty treatments, mainly face masks and massages.

Chocolate cosmetics: a lotion and a body scrub

Chocolate products work wonders in terms of body skin regeneration, purification and what is the most important, these leave great scent on skin. Learn, how to prepare a chocolate body lotion and a chocolate body scrub.

In order to prepare the body scrub, you will need: a spoon of coca, one tea spoon of honey, two tea spoons of sugar and almond oil (or any other oil you like.) All the ingredients have to be combined in such a way to obtain mass that has similar texture to a regular body scrub that can be bought in a shop. Apply the mixture on moist body parts and give these massage for approximately minutes. Then, rinse the body scrub with warm water and apply the chocolate balm. The body scrub exfoliates dead epidermis cells, boosts blood circulation, smooths and highlights skin. What is more, your body will be more elastic and firm.

How to prepare the chocolate body lotion? Take a saucepan and melt 50 grams of coca butter in it. Prepare water bath, melt the chocolate bar and add a tea spoon of olive oil. Next, add malted coca butter to the melted chocolate and stir the mixture. After that, pour it into a clean container, put into a fridge and leave it there for approximately one hour. Your chocolate body lotion is now ready. Use it after each bath as well as after exfoliation treatment.

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