Lemon and Parsley D.I.Y. Toners

Lemon and Parsley D.I.Y. Toners

It is a widely-known fact that only natural cosmetics are the best ones. Why is that? Because only natural products are perceived as organic and are composed of numerous vitamins, micro and macro elements as well as other nourishing and care substances. Besides, there is nothing working in a more excellent manner on skin than vegetables, fruits and herbs growing in our backyard. And what these two elements have in common? Simply, natural cosmetics, including the ones described below, are made of the special and precious gifts of nature.

How to prepare a lemon toner?

Generally, the mixture can be made in two ways. The first one is a composition of alcohol and lemon slices. After a week, you have to put the mixture through a strainer and add boiled drinking water. The lighter version of the cosmetic consists of lemon juice, water and citric acid. It is also advisable to enrich your homemade lemon toner with cucumber juice. Your beauty mixture should be stored in a refrigerator and has to be consumed within three days. The lemon toner is powerful enough to highlight skin discolourations, purify, refresh and regenerate it. When the cucumber is added, then the toner gains additional properties like moisturizing and irritations relieving ones.

Parsley toner, alike lemon toner, can be prepared using alcohol or water

Fresh parsley has to be covered with alcohol and put aside for a two-week time. After this period passes, you have to filter the mixture through gauze bandage. Then, the liquid has to be dissolved with distilled water. Your homemade cosmetic has to be poured into a dark-glassed bottle. Parsley toner is especially recommended for oily skin type. On the other hand, water-based toner works wonders on both couperose skin and the one covered with discolourations. In this case, fresh parsley has to be covered with boiling water and as soon as several hours pass, the mixture has to be poured into a clean bottle. Basically, parsley toner has highlighting, purifying, moisturizing and firming properties.

Both versions of toners are full of vitamins and mineral substances

To clarify, these are, among others, A, B, C, E vitamins as well as anti-oxidants that are responsible for neutralizing free radicals and slowing down skin-aging processes.

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