What Make-Up Tricks For Fatigued Complexion Do You Know?

What Make-Up Tricks For Fatigued Complexion Do You Know?

The word is moving quickly. Career, money, a fast-flowing stream of information, less and less time devoted to leisure, daily stress… This kind of lifestyle affects not only our social life and health but also appearance. It is no surprise that face reveals all signs of tiredness. Complexion turns into being dull and grey, under eye area becomes badly decorated with swellings and so-called bags. Fortunately, there are techniques of hiding these signs of fatigue. In order to do so, you will need your favourite cosmetics and make-up accessories.

Practical Hints For Continuously Tired People

For the beginning, let us find other ways of fighting against fatigued complexion. Firstly, slow down! Do we really need to have better car or more electronic devices from our colleagues? Take several days off and get away, for example, at the seaside. Secondly, have a good night rest, simply get enough sleep. As scientific researches show, an adolescent needs approximately eight hours of sleep to make his/her body work properly. It is also a good idea to take a thirty-minute nap during a day (obviously, not while being at work). Thirdly, massage. Such a treatment works wonders for muscles by relaxing these. And what would you say for an eye area massage? Start with applying an oxygenating face cream and pat it into the complexion using your fingertips. Keep moving these from inner corners of the eyes towards outer corners. End this motion on above crease area. Fourthly, drink a lot of fresh, still, mineral water. Moisturised skin and hydrated organism deal with tiredness more successfully.

Make-Up Tricks for Fatigued Complexion

If our eyes are swollen up, an under-eye area has dark circles and you have to go out immediately, you can use some of the following make-up tricks. The main rule states – distract attention from your fatigued eyes. In order to implement this principle into live, you have to mark both eyebrows and lips. When it comes eye skin area and cheeks, these should be covered with cosmetics of natural and delicate shades. Take a pencil or shadows and apply one of these on eyebrows. Set the little hair by combing these precisely. Water line should be covered with a beige, white or cream-shaded eye pencil. In such a way, you make the eyes bigger and wider. Do not forget about a blusher and apply it on cheek bones. Thanks to this, your complexion gains healthy colour and natural blushes which makes your face look fresh and radiant. Then, define your lips with heavy colour using a pink, red or dark red lipstick. Are you satisfied with the effect you achieved? If the answer is positive, your refreshing make-up for fatigued complexion is now ready!

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